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Bowden's own -BOSS GLOSS

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  • BOSS GLOSS - $15.99
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This awesome detailing spray is made for car lovers who need something super fast and easy to bring up a great shine. As it's so fast and easy to use, Boss Gloss has become the go to product for our family to use on our cars before a show or tour event. It's also ideal for a quick go over before the car show judges appear (even in the sun) or a fast spruce up before car club run. It gives a high gloss shine and leaves a lovely slick finish for the win.

Our fastest and easiest to use detailing spray
Gives a slick smooth finish and great show-car shine
Water based synthetic formula that's ideal for both modern clear coats and older single stage paints
Won't strip waxes or sealants, so it's ideal to use as a final step process
Perfect for car shows as it cleans off light dust, road grime and fingerprints
Built in lubrication, to help encapsulate fine dirt particles and help reduce micro scratches and swirls
Wipes off fast and streak free, on wet or dry surfaces, even in the sun
Safe for all exterior surfaces including glass, chrome, polished alloy and exterior hard plastic trim
Our best lubricant to use with the Fine Clay Bar or Clay Towels
Can also be used as an afterwash, to help dry your car
Biodegradable and earth friendly, for people who care about their cars and the environment
For cars that are used regularly and live mainly outdoors, have a look at our Fully Slick protective detailing spray