Laps at the Lake

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This event is a 30 minute track session for street driven & registered cars which includes a hot breakfast for the drivers. It is held at Lakeside Raceway approximately every 8 weeks from 7:30am and finishes at 9:00am. It gives drivers a chance to let off a bit of steam in an environment much safer than the streets and is followed up by a hot breakfast giving the drivers plenty of time to sit down brag and make excuses! And as a result, we’ve had some of the toughest street cars in QLD hit the track drawing out a good crowd of spectators which are FREE! This is the perfect time to unleash all your cars horsepower or need for speed. The track has plenty of room where you can line up your mates or cars you just want to race and see really who has what under the hood. 

From rotaries and Naturally aspirated 4 Cylinders to Twin Big Blocks this event has it all. It's all about getting out there and putting your car through the gears and keeping it on the track while having a great time with likeminded people. Open to all makes and models - No motorbikes. 

Hot Breakfast Followed by 30 minutes track session 

Pre-paid Drivers $40 (Includes Breakfast) 

On the day Drivers $50 (Includes Breakfast) 

$20 Passengers Be there: 7:30am 

Track Time starts/finishes: 8:30am to 9:00am 

RULES: * No drifting, no stopping, no smoke (ie giant skids) 


* No cars on trailers to be brought into Lakeside

*NO Rollcages unless factory fitted 

*All cars will be inspected by Torque Time Staff 

-Racer licence required (Purchased on the day $20 per day licence or $65 for a year) \

Don't forget purchase confirmation on the day