No Prep 1/8th mile - Test N Tune 29/11/24 Lakeside

$20.00 - $150.00 On Sale

No Prep 1/8th mile - Test N Tune 29/11/24 Lakeside

Ready to race your mates or see what your car can do? This event is the perfect place to practice for 1/8th mile drag racing events or any No-Prep challenges.

Test N Tune welcomes all enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of racing in a controlled and safe environment. Our drag strip spans an eighth of a mile, and the adrenaline flows as you head clockwise towards the kink at Lakeside International Raceway.

Event Details!
Gates Open: 11:00 AM
Track Time: 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM
2 lanes open for unlimited passes
Heads up racing with full tree or testing
Ample time for adjustments and cooling down
No timing system and no speed recorded

Entry Fees!
Online discounted Driver Entrant $130 (ends Wednesday before the event)
Online or On the day Driver Entrant $150
Passengers: $20 (max 1 per vehicle)

Annual Clubman Licence: $95
Single Event Clubman Licence: $50

Licence & Safety!
For all drivers, a Racers Clubman licence is mandatory for this event. You can easily purchase it online before submitting your entry.

Safety is paramount!
All participants are required to wear full coverage clothing made of non-flammable material. Additionally, an AUS/NZ safety standards helmet and enclosed shoes are mandatory for all drivers and passengers during the drags.

Rules & Regulations!
All cars must be ready for tech inspection or roadworthy condition.
You must have a current drivers licence and be over 18 years old to drive
A 10km per hour pit lane speed limit must be observed
A maximum of 60km per hour speed limit must also be observed on return to the start line
No crossing of centre line
Zero blood alcohol
Passengers are allowed to be in vehicles during social drags (one passenger per car)
The Racers Code of Conduct applies to all entrants
Cars may be scrutineered by event organisers at any time

Join us at Lakeside Park for an exhilarating Test N Tune event, where you can push your car to its limits and experience the thrill of the 1/8 mile drag. See you on the track!