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Bowden's Own -CLAY TOWEL

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  • CLAY TOWEL - FINE GRADE - $35.99
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The Clay Towel is a great item to have in the car care kit. It will clean and decontaminate your car’s painted surfaces in half the time of regular clay bars.

For effective paint cleaning and decontamination, that is twice as fast as traditional clay bars
Its advanced rubber polymer technology will restore your paint surface back to a beautiful smooth finish
Fine Grade, for regular use on newer or well kept vehicles with light contamination
Safely removes damaging bonded contaminants that washing cannot; old bugs, stronger embedded dirt, metal particles, paint oxidisation and heavier paint overspray
Use when washing your car or with detailing sprays
Important to do before cleansing or waxing
Makes cleansers and polishes more effective
Helps waxes and sealants last longer
Hand washable and reusable from 30 to 50 uses
Light coloured compound for easy inspection
Cleans windscreens and exterior glass as well
19 x 19cm to fit perfectly in your hand
Made for anyone who wants easy to use car care