Image of All Aussie day 03/03/2019 Image of All Aussie day 03/03/2019

All Aussie day 03/03/2019

$20.00 – $120.00

We have secured 1 x 20 min lap sessions in the all aussie day event.

cars must be australian but can have cages.

This is a very popular event with crusie sessions throughtout the day but they can only be bougfht on the day and sell out in no time.

But if you want to avoid that you can purchase 1 sessions from torque time in advance and you dont have to arrive first thing to try get tickets.

We also have carports @ $120 when you buy the driver spot which includes gate fee plus passengers fee 2 x 20 min additional sessions and a car port plus the torque time 20 min session.

Cost will be for just laps session $20 per car that includes your passengers!!!
The gate fee paid direct to Lakeside.