Drive N Slide

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If you are interested in how your street car performs in an environment where the road rules do not apply! if you love it when the roads are wet and hit the back streets then this is for you. if you love going fast through the traffic calming chicanes or through round abouts then this is for you. And if you like the good old street drag then we have got you covered.You get to drag race side by side, drift the wet skid pan and tackle the slalom.This event is designed for you to enjoy your car in whole new way and it’s not about how much power it has, but is how you can drive it.

This will test your driving ability not your cars performance. We have three events within the one. 
-Flag drop racing to test your reaction time and how well and consistent you can launch your car.
-Wet skid pan to see how you can handle the slide and control without traction.
-Slalom to put the traction and control to the test and see if you can shave some seconds of that time.
Each event will have 1st 2nd 3rd for each group with prizes!
The event is structured on 3 groups of 25 cars, running one group per event for 60 minutes then swapping to the next event and then the next. 
Your pre-paid entry ticket $125 gets you all this plus lunch Passengers $25 also includes lunch. Food and drinks are available for purchase throughout the event to both entrants and spectators. 

Cars can have roll cages and helmets and enclosed shoes required. (Helmets available for hire on the day at no cost)

$125 Pre-pay Drivers 
$150 on the day Drivers 

$25 Passengers

This event is held approximately every 8 weeks on a Sunday between 12pm and 4:30pm.

-Club or group bookings welcome

-Open to street registered cars only.
-Racer licence required (Purchased on the day $20 per day licence or $65 for a year)